Our Mission:

To set in motion and sustain the spirit of collaboration between Financial Advisors, CPAs, Attorneys, and other professionals to educate our clients and implement strategic, individualized planning that will create, grow, sustain, protect, and direct a client's wealth.

Our Values:

To infuse every client, employee, and partner with the security, hope, and peace that comes from planning their financial, family, and spiritual lives.

We accomplish these commitments through:

We apply advanced and well-established principles of estate planning. Through the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys (NNEPA), a vital saftey net is provided to each client. The Network is an establishment of dedicated attorneys committed to practicing estate planning. Through the consistent education and communication of the Network, the most updated laws and cutting-edge estate planning philosophies are implemented into each plan. PWP's goal is to support your vision and definition of long term wealth management that is protected, stable, and works as designed.

Personal Connection:
Time. Counseling. These are the key ingredients that an attorney must utilize get to know the dreams, aspirations, goals, family dynamics, and everything else needed to put in place an estate plan. PWP averages more than 4x more face-to-face time with a client when designing and implementing a plan. It is our desire to understand your needs and not simply create your life's wealth and plan from a template. You have worked hard, make sure your life and assets are protected.

Additionally, Planning With Purpose has established the PWP Legacy and Maintenance Program. This unique program is geared towards clients that desire to implement a plan that works and accomplishes their goals. Most individuals would like to establish a plan that creates the easiest after-death administration as possible; this includes known costs, immediate access to funds for remaining spouses or loved ones, a probate-free experience, and no suprises. These goals are accomplishable! Unfortunately, most plans that are in place, including most trusts, do not fulfill these purposes. However, a client within the PWP Legacy and Maintenance Program is guaranteed to avoid probate. Discover how this is possible and gain the peace-of-mind you seek when planning your estate.

We always have the highest professional standards for everything we do. A plan that works begins with an attorney who knows the law and the most updated stragies available. The WSBA requres an attorney to participate and register 35 hours of Continuing Education every 3 years. PWP logs more than the 3 year requirement PER YEAR - a value that is passed to every client. Not only through education, but we are one of the only firms that guarantees its work. While most attorneys are more interested in getting the statute of limitations ticking on their signed plans, PWP has established guarantees for PWP Legacy and Maintenance Program clients. When is the last time you heard of a law firm guaranteeing its work?


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