Creating personalized, strategic plans that protect
wealth and family values for generations.

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Where is your Estate Plan? Every Plan has a life cycle, let us help you make sure yours is staying on course to protect you and your loved ones.

The Estate Planning Puzzle

We Believe:     that every estate plan should have a
known, predictible outcome to accomplish your goals.

Allow us to help you put the pieces together...
We invite you to know true peace of mind.

The Truth About Estate Planning

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Discover at our seminars:

*** NEW TAX UPDATES! * How to choose an estate planner * Why most trusts still go through probate * How probate works * Can I avoid probate? * Key components of a plan that works * How to best plan for disability * Do-it-yourself common pitfalls * How to make the easiest transition for your loved ones and protect them * What every person needs before disability or death (regardless of net worth!), and much more...

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Annual Client Meeting for 2020 - Stay safe and healthy.
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Discover the difference that will create peace of mind and security knowing your desires are strategically and carefully planned and updated. You also can be stating what our other clients say:


"We have never thought about all of the areas that you uncovered with our plan. It has been very satisfying knowing that our plan covers things that no one else has ever talked about."
Mark and Tracy

"We have been through estate planning before, but you have been so much more thorough and detailed than anyone in the past. Thank you for your service, it has been invaluable."
James and Joanne

"Planning With Purpose is different because of a higher level of support and client relationships. Planning with Purpose also customizes the documents to the unique needs of the customers and provides unlimited legal counseling. Another unique feature is the education and training provided to ensure understanding.

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